Courtesy of  Artist Do Hiep . Entry for Dogma Prize 2015

Courtesy of  Artist Do Hiep . Entry for Dogma Prize 2015

About The Dogma Prize

The Dogma Prize was established in 2009 and is funded by the independent Dogma Collection. The Prize occurs approximately every two years, and the Dogma Prize 2017 is the fifth.

The purpose of the Prize is to encourage and promote Vietnamese artists, whether resident in Vietnam or overseas, through a focus on Self-portraiture, of all disciplines. Self-portraiture has a long and distinguished history throughout human civilization, and involves those practised in self-expression providing their views on themselves, as a metaphor for the cultures and societies in which they live. This is the spirit of the Prize.

The Dogma Prize 2017 marks an evolution, with the appointment of an extremely talented panel of jurors: Dinh Q. Le, Bui Kim Dinh and Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran, a well-rounded team of an Artist, an art Academic and a Curator, respectively. These senior appointments will emphasise the Prize’s focus on encouraging younger and more experimental artists, though of course all artists are encouraged to participate.

Please click here for information on the Grand winner and Finalists of the Dogma Prize 2017.