Courtesy of Artist Hedi-K. Earnst Schmid - Mentor of the Futur Residency program

Courtesy of Artist Hedi-K. Earnst Schmid - Mentor of the Futur Residency program

About Futur Prize

The Futur Prize aims to groom young artistic talents from Vietnam by providing the artist with opportunities to expose to the contemporary art practice in Europe. The essence of the prize is a 10 weeks Residency program in Rapperswil-Jona. At the end of the program, the artist is encouraged to travel around Switzerland and Europe with the provision of a 12 weeks visa.

The artist will be provided with the following arrangements:

  • A visa valid for 12 weeks, including a 10 weeks stay in Rapperswil-Jona, inclusive of health insurance. (Additional travelling in the region will be at the artist's own expenses)
  • A total amount of CHF 2’500 to cover the artist's expenses, plus one free lunch a day (Monday to Friday) at the local University.
  • A studio (with kitchen) where the artist can live and work
  • Mentoring from Swiss artist Hedi-K. Ernst Schmid
  • In conclusion of the residency program, the artist will present his/her work in a solo exhibition.

About Futur Foundation

The Futur Foundation is a foundation established in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. The focus of the Foundation is on applying better use with the potentials from technology transfer at the Rapperswil University of Technology (HSR). Furthermore, the Foundation promotes personal exchange between young entrepreneurs and young foreign artists.